Dragon Chilly @Stirfry

Dragon Chilly


It’s monsoon in mumbai and it’s a perfect time to go out with friends and explore new places. This week while driving and spending time with friends , we came across ‘Stir Fry and BBq’ in Malad and it grabbed our attention.

The place serves some good chinese must say heavy quantity and some BBQ which was a bit disappointing but never the less the 1 Dish that i fell in love with in this new place is ‘Chicken Dragon Chilly’ . Right from the taste to ingredients and presentation I must say it was perfect.

Adding the right amt of chillies and sauces with heavy chunks of chicken was just about awesome and loved every bit of it. As the name suggest … It was spicy, pungent and good enough to be ordered again and lived up to it’s name…….

To all those who end up going to ‘Stir Fry and BBQ’ this is one dish which is a must try for all…. 🙂

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