Jaime’s Pizza – Are You A Foodie

She asked me what makes this date special and I answered a perfectly made Pizza, on a Sunday afternoon going out for a drive in the city of dreams, visited this Jaime’s pizza, a very prominent place in Phoneix Mall , Lower Parel.

The rustic ambience caught my attention and to my surprise, the Jaime’s special pizza was tantalizing and utterly delicious. Ordered Jaimes Special (Super Green), pizza that had loads of veggies with white sauce, broccoli, spinach, chees morzella, and sundried tomato’s this delicious and scrumptious.


Everything is made inhouse, even the white sauce is created by the inhouse chefs and the service is great. The music is fine though, but this is a must visit place if you are a foodie and a pizza lover, their specialty is in thin crust, and we would definetly recommend this place to all you pizza lovers.


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