Mumbaicha Vadapav – Girgaon Katta

Mumbai aanhi Mumbaicha #VadaPav 

One of my all time favourites at Girgaon Katta in Mumbai is their garma-garam Vada Pav with red and green chutney.

It’s spicy yummy and totally worth falling in love with. The masala in the vada is bound to tantalise your taste buds. Now to all you #healthy #foodies out there, sometimes taking a break from healthy breakfast / snacks is advisable, but when you do just assure it is worth it, & you have my word this is indeed worth it.

And I quote ‘the best way to judge a Vada is by checking it’s outer layer thickness – this was thin but good enough to preserve the goodness inside’. – Truly delicious

To all the foodies out there, it’s a must have dish…

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