Parsee Bhurjee @ Light Of Bharat

As yummy as it gets…


Parsee bhurjee also known as akoori is one of the most authentic dishes. Recently visited one a place at shivaji park for it’s irani food.  There is a difference between bhurjee and akoori but for people to understand and experience they have named akoori as Parsee Bhurjee

Akuri is cooked until almost runny, the eggs are never over cooked. The best part was the perfect mix of flavouring (ried onions and the spices used are ginger, coriander, chopped chillies and black pepper)

Pav compliments it best and the irani chai with Maska Pav is the best thing to experience


Parsi Bhurjee


All in all a must visit place if you are willing to experiment and experience Akhuri 🙂

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