Teriyaki Noodles @ 5 Spice

If/ when you go to 5 Spice #mumbai, you must find some deserving time to indulge in Chicken #TeriyakiNoodles


5 Spice is usually a family or large group of friends affair. The love and craving for chinese landed me up with a colleague at 5 Spice on a sunny usual Monday afternoon & my choice this time was Chicken Teriyaki Noodles. The bowl was quite a handful, maybe 4 hand fulls. 5 Spice is renowned for its quantity.

The noodles were piquant with tender chickens cooked in glazed teryaki sauce with loads of veggies like spring onions, capsicums, zucchini and lot more. To my delight the noodles did tantalise my taste buds but yes, adding vinegar helped to make it more delicious.

Overall it gives you a desi-Chinese taste with succulent chickens that you wouldn’t get anywhere on a road-side Chinese stall, nor the teriyaki taste.

To all you foodies, on visiting 5 Spice, this is a must try dish



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