Theobroma – City of Dreams – Mumbai

So here’s one to all you foodies in the City of Dreams – Mumbai. One of the ‘must-visit-before-I-die’ places is Theobroma. I had heard a lot about this place and my hungerlust had been awakened. Determined to explore it I entered this chocolate factory.

Yes you all heard that right, Cho-co-late. Being a chocolate lover the first thing that I was craving was Tiramisu – the mandatory order. ( One does not enter a chocolate eatery and not order Tiramisu) The slice seemed decent and the upper layer was completely covered with chocolate whereas the mid level had a nice brown design to it. The moment you dig in, you experience the chocolate melting in your mouth and you feel you’ve reached the pearly gates of heaven.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy… Whether you have a sweet tooth or not (like me) Tiramisu at Theobroma is a must try. Do visit areyouafoodie for more details.

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