Upma @Girgaon Katta



And we are back! This time we are covering Girgaon Katta located in Borivali (W). The biggest myth about Upma is that it is boring to have… When it comes to having Upma’s most of us make faces or are not very keen on having it. But this is the place which can best break your myth.

The Upma at Girgaon Katta is simply delicious. When we say ‘Delicious’ we mean it…. The presentation is fabulous and will make you try this tantalizing dish…. Once in a while when we think to have something light Upma at Girgaon is definitely a good choice and don’t forget to ask for the Red Sukha Chutney with it….. It will help you enjoy more.

Good Quantity and Quality, Decent Place, Great Taste.

We rate the same 4.00 out of 5.00 as there is always a scope of improvement in the same.

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